Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron
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How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Curly hair looks thick, voluminous and classy. But if you have short straight or wavy hair, you may think that curling your hair is difficult. Actually, it is not! Here, we have a step-by-step guide to curl your short hair. Keep reading to check out how you can curl your short hair with a flat iron!

  • Comb your hair to remove knots.
  • Divide your hair into small sections (2-3 inch) by using clips.
  • Spritz some hair protectant on the first section.
  • Put flat iron at the root of first section of hair and wrap the hair around one arm of the flat iron. Clamp the flat iron shut.
  • Pull the flat iron down the length of your hair. Keep it wrapped around the flat iron.
  • Unclamp the flat iron once you reach the bottom of the first section of hair.
  • Spritz some hair spray on it without disrupting the curl.
  • Repeat the same for the other sections of hair.
  • Run a brush through the curls to give them a more natural look.

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