How Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

How Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

Exercise is good for your overall physically improved condition, but it also benefits mental health. Most people are motivating by exercise for various reasons such as losing weight, improving their sex lives and improving their physical health. Exercise can add so many more years to one’s life, if only people were fully aware of this. However, in addition to all these benefits, mental health is one that is often not mentioned a lot. So, let’s dive in.

Regular Exercise
People exercise on a regular basis because they want to have that sense of feeling good and being healthy. They want to feel energetic and less fatigued throughout the day. Some people find that they sleep much better during the night after consistent exercise. Some people use exercise to improve their memory and to strengthen their mental health.

Yes, there are people with mental health issues and challenges. When you exercise regularly, it profoundly and significantly impacts health conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. In fact, exercise can improve your entire mood once done consistently. It alleviates stress and provides mental clarity in many cases. Research confirms that exercise could be the answer to so many mental problems; no matter the person’s age or mental condition.

Research Studies
Studies have shown that exercise is able to effectively treat mild or moderate depression. So, instead of taking antidepressants, a patient with mild depression could swap the medication for exercise while under a doctor’s care. Remember that exercise does not have side effects as antidepressants might have. Exercise is the most natural way to get rid of depression and to improve one’s mental capacity. If someone with mild depression does 20 minutes of walking each day, it can significantly reduce depression by as much as 25 percent according to a recent Harvard study. And, the person who maintains regular exercise won’t have to experience a relapse back to a depressed state of mind. So, it is safe to say that research studies confirm the mental health benefits exercise. Exercise helps to promote various changes inside the brain. These include reduced inflammation, relaxed feelings, neural growth and a sense of well being. It helps to release endorphins in the brain, which produces an energetic spirit and a feel good attitude. Exercise also acts as a distraction. This means, instead of being focused on the things that have made you depressed, it takes your mind off of that and puts you into a positive mood.

Preventing Anxiety
Exercise is effective in naturally getting rid of anxiety. It provides relief of tension and boosts the mental and physical energy. It keeps you into a better frame of mind and so the things that used to concern you before might not anymore. Instead of being focused on the problems in your life, going for a walk or run changes your focus. You might appreciate and pay attention more to your heavy breathing as you feel the wind caress your skin. You will be mindful of the things around you, which you should appreciate. Therefore, exercise can be the stimulant to gratitude, appreciation and change of focus.

Reducing Stress
Stress is one of the things that can lead to bad health and bad attitude. Exercise is the deterrent that most people would want to help reduce their stress. Yet, not a lot of people equate stress reduction to consistent exercise. If you were to feel any tension in your body and decided to go for a swift walk, as soon as you got back from your walk and took a shower, you would feel the difference. Your muscles would be more relaxed and you would feel light on your feet. Stress makes you feel the opposite. In fact, if you find yourself having regular headaches, muscular tension, frequent urination, neck pain, stomach cramps, heartburn and insomnia, you could be experiencing stress. And if you did not already know, stress affects both your mind and body. Therefore, stress can cause great harm to your mental health.

Any type of activity that you include in your daily life can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other similar conditions. It will improve your mental and physical health. So why aren’t more people choosing to exercise? Some of us lead such busy lives, which only compounds the stress and anxiety and we use that as an excuse not to exercise. However, more and more people are getting to understand the positive effects of exercise on mental health and are reaping the benefits.

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