• Minimalist Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas
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    Minimalist Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas

    The obvious places for tattoos are the legs, arms, and back, but behind the ear tattoos have become exceptionally famous in the beyond couple of years. The smooth area just above your hairline is great for subtle tattooing that modestly peeks out from beneath shirt collars and hair strands. it’s the perfect spot for a tattoo that represents the most important things in your life. Now scroll on for 10 behind the ear tattoo ideas that may inspire your next piece of body art. Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly is a go-to tattoo design that works pretty much anywhere, particularly behind the ear. Floral Tattoo Flowers are favorite among tattoo lovers. It’s…

  • Celebrity Halloween costumes 2022

    Celebrity Halloween costumes 2022

    Each creepy season, superstars come to slay with their costumes. With stylists available to them, celebrities basically should convey. However the occasion is formally on Monday, many will praise this end of the week, and we’ve previously seen a small bunch of stars share first looks at their outfits. Generally, they’re inclining toward outfits that are goofy, alluring, and obviously, terrifying. Below are the best celebrity Halloween costumes of this year. Kim Kardashian (X-Men Mystique) Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee) Kylie Jenner Scary Halloween Costume Ciara Halloween Costume (Serena Williams) Kendall Jenner Halloween Costume (Jessie from Toy Story) Lizzo Halloween Costume (Marge Simpson) Kelly…